Zoll AED Pro



(1x) Zoll AED Pro with 5-Year Warranty
(1x) One-piece CPR-D Padz OR 2 Sets of Stat Padz II
(1x) Non-Rechargeable OR Rechargeable Battery
(1x) Rugged Soft Carry Case
(1x) ZOLL Rescue-Net Code Review (1x) Physicians/Medical Precription
(1x) Ready Kit (Scissors, Razor, Gauze, Gloves, CPR Mask)

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The Zoll AED Pro Semi-Automatic is a rugged device designed to be able to withstand minor impacts. It features a high resolution display on the front of the device to monitor patients ECG, heart rate, shocks delivered, as well as compression info if using CPR-D pads. The device walks the rescuer through the steps required. Designed with trained professionals in mind,  as well as an untrained first responder. Stores information from rescues and can easily be transferred to the computer with its USB flash memory. 


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