Zoll AED 3 BLS Package



(1x) Zoll AED 3 BLS with ECG Display and CPR Dashboard
(1x) Zoll AED 3 Non-Rechargeable Battery Pack
(2x) Zoll AED Stat Pads II Adult Pads
(1x) Ready Kit (Scissors, Razor, Gauze, Gloves, CPR Mask)
(1x) Owners Manual
(1x) 6-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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The AED 3 is Zoll’s newest device with updated features but the same reliability as the AED Plus. Includes a built in color touchscreen to display visual prompts alongside audio prompts. Supports Wifi connectivity to report your devices status. Keeps track of battery percentage and status, displays it on the screen, and can automatically send the data over wifi. The BLS package is for trained professionals and first responders.


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