Lifepak CR2 AED, Semi-Automatic, WIFI, English-Spanish, and Bag Package



(1x) Lifepak CR2 AED, Semi-Automatic
(1x) 8-Year Warranty
(1x) Long Life Lithium Battery
(1x) 4-Year Adult/Child Electrodes
(1x) Ready Kit (Scissors, Razor, Gauze, Gloves, CPR Mask)
(1x) Semi-Rigid Carry Case
(1x) USB Cable
(1x) Owner’s Manual

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The Lifepak CR2 AED is a portable and simple device to use that can be used by anyone. Simply opening the lid turns the device on. It features clear, calm step-by-step instructions to walk the rescuer through the steps to complete the rescue. The audio prompt can be set to operate in English or Spanish as desired. Its volume will adjust based on the background noise. It is a Semi-Automatic device that requires the push of a button to administer a shock to the . It includes CPR Coaching which provides complete instructions for chest compressions on an adult as well as a child. There is also a metronome to help keep the chest compression rhythm. Features escalating power to make sure the patient gets defibrillated. The pads double as adult and pediatric at the touch of a button. The device can also be connected to Wifi to enable alerts on the devices status. This package includes a Semi-Rigid Carry Case that offers protection to your device as well as storage space for a spare set of pads and battery.


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