Heartsine Samaritan 450P AED Package



(1x) Samaritan 450P Semi-Automatic AED
(1x) 8-Year Warranty
(1x) Adult Pad-Pak with Battery, 4-Year Shelf Life
(1x) Standard Carry Case
(1x) Ready Kit (Scissors, Razor, Gauze, Gloves, CPR Mask)
(1x) Owner’s Manual
(1x) Instructional DVD

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The Heartsine 450P AED is the perfect device for local churches, community centers, corporate headquarters, or even in your own living room. The user-friendly setup keeps deploying the device simple with only a power button and a shock button to operate. The Samaritan 450P AED utilizes loud, clear voice prompts to help guide any user through the steps of a rescue. As an added benefit, the 450P device utilizes a CPR Rate Advisor to assist users with performing CPR to the proper rate for more effect CPR treatment. One thing Samaritan 450P owners love the most is how easy the device is to transport, weighing in at only 2.4 pounds, it is not only the LIGHTEST AED on the market, but also one of the most durable and rugged devices as well. The Heartsine Samaritan 450P AED is perfect for any deployment, anywhere.


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