Limited Track VS Mental Toughness Track Thinking

Each one of us has had a “Eureka” moment when a big audacious goal pops into our mind.  Maybe for you it is to write a NY Times bestseller, open a yogurt franchise or swim the English Channel.

Just as you are having a; “Stand on top of the World” moment….
From out of left field, your confidence and courage is shattered; overtaken by fear, uncertainty and   self-doubt.  In a heartbeat you go from “Victor to Victim”.   In that moment you are experiencing Limited Track Thinking.
Limited Track Thinking is when we know what our goal is; we simply question whether we have the ability to achieve that goal.  Limited Track Thinking or LTT is where we immediately begin to focus on the excuses on why we won’t be able to accomplish a specific goal.
Limited Track Thinking happens to even the most successful people. It is a natural response to stepping up to any new challenge. For many of us, this is where our dreams die. We simply talk ourselves out of advancing in the direction of our dreams. We’ve each been told to silence our inner critic, despite that we may not be able too. The good news is we don’t need too! Instead, embrace the limitations of your thinking yet let them not define you.
  • I am too old, too young, too fat, too short, too slow etc.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • I don’t have the money.
  • I don’t have the training.
  • The economy is terrible
Of equal or greater concern is what is defined as Reinforced Limited Track Thinking. RLTT is when we share our idea with a friend, family member, co-worker that may NOT have the clarity of vision that WE do. Often they will articulate even more “reasons” why our idea may not work. It is important to understand; when someone shares; “YOU CAN’T” achieve a specific goal what they are really saying is that THEY cannot achieve that specific goal.
90% of the time that we enter “Reinforced Limited Track” our dream will die because someone we respect has now “reinforced” what we may have already been thinking. For that reason, it is recommended that you share your dream with those that have achieved a similar goal.
  • You never went to school for that!
  • Don’t you have to be a (man, woman) to do that!
  • I would be too scared to do that if I were you!
  • What if you fail?
  • Does your spouse think that is a good idea?
The solution to limited track thinking is to begin constructing a desired or Mental Toughness Track amidst the doubt created by the limited track thinking of our inner critic.  While we may NOT need to silence our inner critic we do need to learn to manage it. We do that by creating a Mental Toughness Track. MTT is an entire new approach. A new way of thinking, acting and behaving.
By creating a Mental Toughness Track we increase the likelihood of achieving huge goals simply because we have created an enhanced approach to boldly advance toward our goal regardless of pain, fear or circumstance.  Our mindset now becomes filled with a network of affirming mentors, thoughts, beliefs, and mental toughness training techniques. In the diagram below, the arrow points to and reaches the intended target goal.
Here are a few abbreviated examples of techniques you can use to begin constructing a Mental Toughness Track. (For the complete full version list, please send me an email at and put Please send (MTT in subject line)
Pursuit of Why
The most important question to ask before setting any goal is: WHY? Specifically, “Why is this goal important to me?” When there is a clear vision of WHY, the HOW will follow
Singularity of Focus:
Choose one specific goal that will move the meter in your life/business and apply singularity of focus on that one specific goal until it becomes a reality.
Magical Mentors:
Identify one person that has achieved EXACTLY what you want to achieve and ask them to mentor you.
Bolster Beliefs:
Your dreams are seeds of greatness. Believe that “He” who planted those dreams within you also planted the corresponding ability to make them come true.
Apply Appropriate Action:
Remind yourself, to achieve something you have never achieved, you must do something you have never done.
Embrace Failure:
Embrace the wisdom you have earned in failure yet never find comfort there.  Advance in the direction of your dreams until you reach the person you are intended to be.
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Mental Toughness Track Diagram

Mental Toughness Track Diagram

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