Labor Day weekend 2013 I made the decision to fully commit to begin my training for a solo swim  attempt of the English Channel in the summer of 2015

I had a blast with family and friends at our Cape home that weekend two years ago. By noon on that Monday all of our friends as well as my family headed home to “beat” the Cape traffic.

I stayed behind to close the cottage for the season.

That evening I sat in our living room surrounded by silence; no music, no TV, no computer, no phone, no voices, no children's laughter; just me and my thoughts.

I knew my time commitment to train (up to 25 hours a week) over the next two years would occupy a good part of each day so I wanted to make the process as effective and as efficient as possible.

I made the decision at that moment to “Inventory My Life”.

I looked at how my time was being spent. I looked at specific behaviors and habits that might need tweaking or removing from my life altogether. I made a list of almost a dozen items that I felt I could work on to increase my likelihood for success.

I determined if a specific behavior or habit did not help bring me closer to achieving my English Channel dream then I would try to reduce or eliminate it altogether until after my swim.

One of the items on that list was taking a hiatus from “alcohol”. I had never been a big drinker (except for a few late nights in college when I thought I might win honorable mention in the obituary column the following morning) so I thought it would be an easy place to start.

I had just jotted down alcohol on my “list”, when I walked to the fridge, swung open the door and was greeted by condensation weeping down the label of that weekend’s last surviving “Sierra Nevada” bottle. It seemed to call my name….I thought; as soon as this last beer is gone I will START!

THE BEST TIME TO START ANY GOAL IS RIGHT NOW, are the words that came from my subconscious. DAGNABBIT!

I still have that (unopened) bottle of Sierra tucked away somewhere and get a chuckle each time I see it.

Mental toughness training tips

Mental Toughness Training Tips

On August 12th of this year, the day after my swim I walked past the long handled beer taps at my hotel bar, stood for a moment and then said NAH, not today! I still haven’t had a drink to celebrate my 19 miles and 13 plus hours of swimming and not sure if I am going to at least anytime soon. (My sleep has really, really improved over the last two years)
Hold the phone!

I’m NOT suggesting you consider stop drinking. Far from that! Hey, I loved my Sam Adams and slice of pizza as much as the next guy.

What I am encouraging you to consider is this.

If you have a specific goal or goals (big or small) that may have eluded you or just a goal that you would like to achieve, consider joining me on my new quest.

I will be creating a revised “Life Inventory List” over the next few days and will be sending it to all my friends on my email list. You may want to create a list of your own. You can use ideas from my list to create your own OR mimic what I am doing if it’s a fit for you.

Sign up right now at

I will send you my list in the next week.

Here’s the deal….

For 30 days, beginning October 1st, we will integrate our changes (be that one change or a dozen) into our daily living; some items on your list may be much more difficult than others. Some items on your list you may want to eliminate while others you may want to reduce. For example, I will be eliminating lets say an hour of TV and swapping it with an hour of a Tony Robbins video.

At the end of the thirty day challenge, I will host a gathering at my home for anyone that would like to attend to discuss how your quest went. I will also host a tele-conference call or two along the journey to help inspire you and for you to share your thoughts if you would like.


I have trained and coached clients for years. I have always believed one of the best times of year to implement change are the days just after Labor Day…Think about it, kids are back in schools, the lazy days of summer are behind us and the holidays haven’t set in yet.

Let’s get this party started! sign up now.

(Me with Greg Lemond three-time Tour winner at finish line of Hawaii Ironman 1995)

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Comstock is a former Alaska "Deadliest Catch" Commercial Fisherman, two-time finisher of the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon and Black Belt team member on the US Intersport Karate team to Russia and Poland. In August 2015,   Doug attempted a solo swim crossing from Dover, England to Cape Gris-Nez, France across the famed English Channel regarded as the Mount Everest of open water swimming. He swam 19 miles in 13 hours and 20 minutes before terminating his swim two miles  from the French coast because of injury. 

Comstock is the founder of "Getting to Goal" seminars and coaching, delivering high performance coaching and speaking programs to aspiring individuals as well as corporations in the areas of mental toughness and sales performance excellence.   

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