Legendary Notre Dame Football Coach Lou Holtz was “Spot On”


Coach Holtz taught me this...

Years ago the words of legendary Notre Dame Football Coach Lou Holtz impacted my life.  Coach Holtz shared that he could get by in life by understanding three fundamental rules in dealing with people.

  1. Can I trust you?
  2. Will you care about me?
  3. Will you strive for excellence?

These three, simple, yet powerful rules are the cornerstone of any relationship. Without delivering them, our customers, friends and even family will walk from our lives! Without receiving them from others, we too will walk. Period! It is as simple as that.  I believe each of us understand the three principles and do our best to deliver them to those we serve.

As I began to drill deep on his teaching one thing became abundantly clear.  Those same rules that we must honor in our relationship with others, we must honor in the relationship that we have with ourselves. We often don’t! In fact, many of us, rarely if ever consider the personal relationship we have with ourselves.

When we violate the sacred relationship we have with ourselves, we can’t simply walk away. We do walk away from ourselves, just not in the physical sense. The way our “walking away” manifests when we violate the three rules may show up in the form of; depression, lack of fulfillment, despair, listlessness, lack of motivation, unhappiness and more.

For that reason, I believe we each need to create a pact or code of conduct when applying those same three rules to the relationship with we have with ourselves.

Below is a partial list of my own code. If you would like my complete list I would be happy to send it to you. Sign up at Getting To Goal Newsletter and I will send it to you today.


  1. I trust myself to begin working on the things I NEED to do VS simply working on the things I WANT to do.
  2. I trust the dream I have inside me is a seed of greatness. I trust He who planted that seed within me also planted the corresponding ability to make it come true.


  1. I will practice self-care by nurturing a daily discipline of positive self-talk.
  2. I will practice self-care by finding ways to embrace my value while being in service to others.


  1. I will to hold myself to a higher level of excellence, to deliver the best that I can be each and every day.
  2. I will commit to having conversations, building relationships and nurturing friendships with those that will help me bring out the very best I have to offer.

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