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Legendary Notre Dame Football Coach Lou Holtz was “Spot On”

Coach Holtz taught me this... Years ago the words of legendary Notre Dame Football Coach Lou Holtz impacted my life.  Coach Holtz shared that he could get by in life by understanding three fundamental rules in dealing with people. Can I trust you? Will you care about me? Will you strive for excellence? These three,…
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Become The King Of Your Content

click for video: Become The King of Your Content

Years ago a friend of mine wrote a book called a book called “Going Deep” and in that book he shared that 90 % of all people live unfilled lives in quiet desperation. His words resonated with me despite the fact that I had everything in the world to be happy for, I knew I wasn’t as fulfilled as I wanted to be.

I began a quest to find out how to bring greater joy, and greater meaning and happiness to my life. I discovered one fundamental truth about life and its this; How fulfilled one’s life is, is in direct proportion to the quality of one’s beliefs and thoughts

I want to underscore the word quality, It is the quality of one quality of one’s beliefs and thoughts…Here is the reason why this is important

Gandhi said it best;

"Our beliefs become our thoughts,
Our thoughts become our words,
Our words become our actions,
Our actions become our habits,
Our habits become our values,
Our values become our destiny.”

In other words ultimately, our thoughts and beliefs become our life…..It is because of that fundamental truth that if we want to give ourselves the greatest chance of living an inspired life, to live a fulfilled and happy life that we always need to be on the lookout for ways, to upgrade, upgrade the quality of our thoughts and beliefs….

To do that we first need to examine the point of origin, the source of where we are presently receiving information that influence our thoughts and beliefs.

We live in a world on one hand where we are surrounded by uninspired thoughts, we are surrounded by negative information and despair, all you have to do is turn the nightly news to know that…

On the other hand, we are also surrounded by extreme beauty, surrounded by kindness, surrounded by inspired thinking, and love….

We know that our thoughts and beliefs are influenced by what we are tuned into. Our thoughts and beliefs are directly affected by the content that we allow to dominate our thinking. For that reason, we need to be conscious and careful on where our thoughts and beliefs originate. We need to be selective, selective on everything we allow in.

Ultimately the content we allow into our lives is the source, the point of origin, for many of our beliefs and thoughts. Imagine the glass as our life…cloudy or clear depends on the content we pour into it.

If the content of our life is dominated by dark, poor quality thoughts and beliefs. Filled with people and conversations that bring you down, filled with news of despair and hopelessness, our beliefs and thoughts will support the fact our journey will be an unhappy, unfulfilling, and unpleasant event.

If all we ever do is tune into the despair that exists our life will never be all that we have the capacity to make it.…many people live their entire lives that way.

The exciting news is that you can easily change it, if you are willing to work at it. This brand new, awesome year if you feel your life is not working to the level that you want it to, then its time to upgrade your beliefs and thoughts, time to upgrade the content of your life…

Replace the darkness with clear high quality content. Today commit to cultivating relationships with ONLY people that bring out the best in you…commit to looking for opportunities to be in service to others, commit to nurturing friendships and conversations of hope, love and happiness. Commit to being the king or queen of you life's content

If you aspire to live a more fulfilled life, If you are in agreement that your beliefs and thoughts ultimately define your destiny, then I urge you to join me this new year in UPGRADING the point of origin of your beliefs and thoughts, upgrade your life and Awaken Your Inner Champion.

Register today at the link below for my life mastery mini course. For the first 30 registered champions your tuition is paid for by me. I promise you the information I share can upgrade your life.

The Mask

The Mask When comedian and actor Robin Williams ended his life in August 2014 I was absolutely shocked. In public, he wore a convincing mask as the “funny man”. Behind closed doors it was a very different story. I can only imagine the burden of his journey. In that moment, I began to fully comprehend…
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The Power of Why!

The most important question to ask before setting any goal is: Why? Specifically, “Why” is this goal vital to me?” When there is a clear connection with our “Why”, the “How” will follow.  The “Why” happens in the part of our brain that allows us to form an emotional connection with our goal; it is…
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